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As You Like It EXTRA

 the express delivery partner of Pyramid Catering.

Decor Package

We will provide polished chafing dish warmers, silver buffet utensils, black buffet linen(s)

and all of your menu items that are offered at room temperature will be built

onto white porcelain or clear glass platters & bowls beautifully garnished & accompanied with

chic art pieces and décor to make a stunning visual



Staffing Options

$ 35.00 per hour




Licensed Bartenders

  ( will only be responsible for bartending, they are not responsible for buffet replenishing or clearing)

Minimum requirements:

1 bartender for every 75 guests



Servers/ Buffet attendants

Minimum requirements:

1 bartender for every 50 guests



Party Chefs

Minimum requirements:

1 chef per station or per 75 guests


Above minimum requirements are estimated. Please call us to discuss your exact needs

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