Week 3 is not a final schedule, you DON'T need to check it nor confirm it. You can just ignore it if you want to. For those who want a heads up and see what we have booked for week 3, you can check the draft to see how busy we will be. Keep in mind that nothing is final for week 3, often times we get last minute booking, that will open up a new shifts, or last minute cancelation, that will take away some shifts. But this draft will provide more insight for the coming weeks, so hopefully you can make yourself more available when we are busy.

There will be a mandatory kitchen meeting on October 12th (Wednesday). I need to know if any of you are NOT available to attend (let me know on group chat), so I can reschedule it to the date that all of you are available. This is MANDATORY, so attendance is required for everyone who would like to pick up shift on regular basis. Extra kitchen helpers like Norman, Josue, etc are not required to attend this meeting.